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SISC - Health Plan 100 - A / Copay $10

Group(s): 40077H, 40077J, 40077K, 40077L, 40077N

Plan 100 - A Health Benefits Quick Reference                                      Delta Dental        

Summary Plan - 100 - A                                                                             Vision (VSP)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)                                           Healthy Life Styles

Admentment to Benefit Plan                                                                     MD Live

Prescription $9 Generic / $35 Brand Name                                           Employee Assistance Program

Marketplace Facts                                                                  Marketplace Notification


SISC - Health Plan 100 - B / Copay $ 10

Group(s): 40077F, 40077G, 40077P

Plan 100 - B Health Benefits Quick Reference                                       Delta Dental

Summary Plan - 100 - B                                                                              Vision (VSP)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)                                             Healthy Life Styles

Admendment to Benefit Plan                                                                      MD Live

Prescription $3 Generic / $15 Brand Name                                             Employee Assistance Program

Marketplace Facts                                                                   Marketplace Notification

SISC - Health Plan 100 - C / Copay $ 20

Group(s): 40071A, 40071B, 40071C, 40071K, 40071M

Plan 100 - C Health Benefits Quick Reference                                        Delta Dental

Summary Plan - 100 - C                                                                               Vision (VSP)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)                                              Healthy Life Styles

Amendment to Benefit Plan                                                                         MD Live

Prescription $9 Generic / $ 35 Brand Name                                             Employee Assistance Program

Marketplace Facts                                                                                          Marketplace Notification