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CPR and First Aide Certification


Testing Centers


CODESP - Paraeducator / Instructional Aide Tutorial



Certificated Employment Opportunities

Speech and Language Specialist

Teachers - Various

Speech and Language Specialist- 2022-2023 school year

Coaches- Winter/Spring Sports, Palm Avenue & Thomas Jefferson MS

Teacher- English (7th & 8th Grade), Middle School

Special Day Class Teacher, Moderate/Severe- James Forrest

Summer School Principals- 3 positions, 8 hours / ***REVISED

Classified Employment Opportunities

Classified Substitutes

After School Activity Leaders - Multiple positions various sites 3.5 - 3.75 hours

After School Activity Leaders- Multiple positions, various sites; 3.75 hours

Student Mobility Assistant- Palm Avenue MS, 6 hours

Head Bus Driver- MOT, 1 position, 8 hours/ 12 month

Building Secretary Librarian- Teresa Burke, 8 hours

Classified Positions- STEAM CAMP/ELOP Program, Winter Camp, Karl Clemens & Teresa Burke 

Food Service Positions- STEAM CAMP/ELOP Program, Winter Camp, Karl Clemens & Teresa Burke 

Electronic Technician- 1 position, 8 hours/12 month

Instructional Aide Special Education (Mod/Severe)- James Forrest, 6 hours

Custodian/Bus Driver- MOT, 1 position, Site: To Be Determined

Student Monitor- Karl Clemens, 3.20 hours

Food Service Assistants- Various Sites, Various Hours

Employment Applications

Certificated                                     Summer Classified

Classified                                        Summer Food Service

Managerial                                      Summer Certificated

Administrator                                          EdJoin - links to Jobs

STEAM Camp Classified

Salary Schedules 2020-21

Certificated Management               Classified Management     Other

Certificated                                      Classified