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Professional Development at JLP

TECH PD Website

Pearson EasyBridge

Adding Products to Classes

Pearson EasyBridge

Setup Instructions

Follow the instructions to setup your Pearson Easy Bridge account.


Are you ready for a Chromebook cart?

If interested, please contact Melissa Bradex. 

To be Chromebook Cart ready:

  1. Available anytime: Do Google online training then take the test (can take up to 3 hours) to become Google Certified Educator Level 1. The cost is $10 out of your own pocket. (Google intermediate learner)

Resources to assist with Google Apps. 

Chromebook Subs

LIST of Chromebook certified substitute teachers

If a Substitute Teacher is interested and have subbed for our district this school year, then they are to contact Melissa Bradex for the next training date. Call 661-758-7100 to be transferred over or extension 40190 when subbing at a school site in our district.