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Distance Learning Professional Development

Thank you for participating in the Fall Distance Learning Professional Development. Reports are pulled and being sent to HR. KyteLearning courses are available all year long. You are welcome to continue with courses as it can be found in your Clever account, but the deadline is now over to count towards hours. Classified required courses

**Tips for VIDEO of Overview and Tips 


All of the previous resources that were here (Chromebook Maintenance Tips, How to Print Clever badges, Lexia/PowerUp/Reading Plus Resources, McGraw Hill Wonders Resources, Pearson Product Information) can be found in the "How To" folder link on the left side margin. 

Frequently asked questions

What is happening with Freckle?

  • Freckle did a roster merge and removed manually created classes. Teachers are to remove the Freckle app from their Clever teacher page while Students are to access Freckle through Renaissance Place only.

Is Readworks being blocked because students say their page goes white and blank?

  • Readworks is not being blocked, but we have noticed that teachers add the default link to Readworks instead of adding the student link With this being said, Readworks is not on the district approved list that the tech department manages. Tech support is limited when it pertains to programs or websites not listed.

Do my students need to add Kami or is it pushed out to their account?

  • Kami is pushed out. Students can pin it to their extensions by going to the puzzle piece next to the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner and click the pin or when the student opens a PDF he/she can open with Kami. They do need to give permission to their Drive.
  • Do NOT have students turn in through Kami app. They close the PDF (it saves in G. Drive) and turn in through G. Classroom.

Do my students have access to Screencastify?

  • Screencastify was opened to students on the first day of school so teachers could walk them through it and go over the appropriate recording behavior with reminders of all videos going to their school G. Drive which is school property. Students can pin it to their extensions by going to the puzzle piece next to the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner and click the pin. 

How do I use GoGuardian with scenes, adding classes, deleting students, or if it says Student Offline?

  • Students need to be on district-provided Chromebooks. GoGuardian will not work if they are using their private devices.
  • In GoGuardian, there is a fantastic Help Center and LiveChat that would be able to assist on the spot while you are in the session with students. We are unable to do on our end.
  • Some resources: scenes for our district to try, go to "How To" folder link on left side to find GoGuardian, add classes, deleting students, it says Students Offline, How to use Teacher Chat, FAQs for GoGuardian.

Can the extension Grid View for G. Meet be pushed out for teachers and students?

  • Teachers can add their own extension at any time. This extension is more for class management and not needed by students. Students should be viewing their teacher and what he/she is presenting not all 30+ faces of their peers with distractions. 

How can I still see my students while I present in G. Meets?

  • Google is pushing out some great updates for G. Meets soon that will mirror more of what Zoom has. Until then, you can split your screen by dragging your tab off and separating it from the current window. When you click Present in G. Meets, choose the tab that has your presentation on it instead of "whole screen". 

Can the extension Nod for G. Meet be pushed out for teachers and students?

  • Talking with other teachers, that would really be distracting during G. Meet. Check-in is only 15 minutes. Google is pushing an update out soon with features that will include something similar. 

Can students start a G. Meet?

  • No, they have been blocked from creating a G. Meet. Teachers should be using the G. Meet feature through their G. Classroom. Teachers need to start G. Meet in order for students to enter. However, teachers need to make sure ALL students have left before ending the session. Students will not be allowed back in without the teacher. 
  • Caveat- There is a small 30-second window after you close the meeting that students can re-enter. Any concerns, hang out for a minute or two, or go back in to check.
  • Tech department recommends you resetting your G. Meets link in your G. Classroom at least once a week. Go to the gear (settings) and find the General section, Click on the dropdown menu next to Manage invite codes, Reset.

Can I leave my G. Meet open all day for students to drop in as needed?

  • Video conferencing takes up bandwidth. People are being dropped because of high WiFi usage. If teachers are leaving their G. Meet open and not meeting with students at that time, then they are contributing to the problem by "eating up" the bandwidth. Use G. Meets to conference/teach with students but do not leave it open when not in use.

Why does it ask students to sign in to ConnectEd when I assign them a Resource or Assignment in G. Classroom?