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All of the previous resources that were here (Chromebook Maintenance Tips, How to Print Clever badges, Lexia/PowerUp/Reading Plus Resources, McGraw Hill Wonders Resources, Pearson Product Information) can be found in the "How To" folder link on the left side margin. 

Distance Learning Resources


Teachers, here are some resources you may find useful from within our wonderful organization as well as outside. Tips from current practices:

  1. Google Classroom for a Practical Teacher- from our own Mr. Brockett. You will need to be logged into your work email to access it. Slide 11 gives steps on how to add videos to Google Classroom.
  2. Screencastify your Google Slides presentations, it automatically saves videos to your G. Drive in a folder to share with your students. 
  3. How to find your student Google information. You will need to be logged into your work email to access it.
  4. Add a Link to your Clever Teacher Page such as Google Classroom for your primary students.
  5. STMath is now available in Teacher and Student Clever dashboards.
    1. Please share Clever Home Access Letter with Parents.
    2. Professional Learning: Teachers may complete Self-Guided Online Courses as needed. You may also register for webinars at:
  6. Lexia Core5- Students having trouble on tablets? Add this video link to your Google Classroom for parents and students to try to troubleshoot.
  7. CA Wonders Remote Learning Resources for Grades K-6 
  8.  Do NOT put anything on social media where students need to sign up for anything to access.

Please reach out to your site tech, academic coach, or Dr. Bradex for further assistance.

Be Safe and Healthy!