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Administrative Welcome Note

Superintendent’s Message,

The district has undergone many changes since the pandemic began.  Wasco Union Elementary was fortunate in that the district already was equipped with the Chromebooks that were needed with the initial closing of the sites to in-person learning.  Since that time the combination of in-person learning and distance learning has been the most effective and safest mode of teaching the district can do under the present conditions.

Keeping the schools open is a combination of massive effort on the part of the certificated and classified staff, with the support of the Kern County Superintendent of Schools and the community at large.  With us all working together we can continue to serve the students and families of Wasco.  Increased numbers of staff members are offset by increased numbers of staff out with illness and coping with home illness, so the extra state funds are vital to continuing the in-person aspect of school.

I wish to thank the citizens, parents, and community members for their understanding of the challenges the district is undergoing during this time.  What the new “normal” will be is yet to be seen, but we are meeting the goal of continuing education with your help and the extra efforts exerted by the staff at the sites.


Kelly Richers