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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Wasco Union Elementary School District website. Our goal is to make this resource valuable to the community and staff by providing useful, up-to-date information for all users.

The mission of the Wasco Union Elementary School District is to provide all students an education which promotes lifelong learning, an appreciation for diversity, and responsible citizenship.

Attendance Champions

Week of 2/1/2016 - 2/5/2016
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Teresa Burke - 96.36%

John L. Prueitt - 96.28%

Palm Avenue - 95.69%

Karl F. Clemens - 95.31%

Thomas Jefferson - 93.76%


Every Day Counts!

Every student on time at school every day! 
Every Day Counts!


"Attendance Champions" acknowledges schools who are achieving the district weekly attendance goal.  When a school has met a 96% attendance rate for the week, they fly the special "Attendance Champions" flag on their flagpole the following week. 


The Wasco Union School District has set goals to improve student attendance for the 2011-2012 school year.  We made great progress last year!  Some of our accomplishments are:

  • Through improved attendance, we had 7,000 more days of learning last year!
  • We decreased the number of “at risk” students who miss more than 10 days of school each year from 900 to 750!
  • Students with 0 – 10 absences showed improved test scores in Language Arts and Math!


We have set a goal that students are absent no more than 5 days of school each year.  In education, much has changed in the last 10 years.  The new curricular programs move quickly and the rigor of what students are expected to learn has increased dramatically.  It may be tempting to let students stay home, thinking they will not miss much.  Absences and tardies have a cumulative impact that often goes unnoticed at first.  Students who miss 10 days of school each year will miss half of a year of school by the time they graduate from middle school!  In today’s educational world, those lost days can mean significant gaps in a student’s knowledge as they progress through the grades.


This year, we are emphasizing “Mondays Matter!”  Much of the instruction that a student will get on a new standard takes place on Mondays.  If a student is absent on Monday, they miss the first instruction on that standard, and will be trying to catch up the rest of the week.  Our absences are highest on Mondays, so this becomes a problem for the student, as well as the teacher, who needs to make sure that the student gets caught up on the instruction before the week is over.  By encouraging all students to be at school on Monday, we can make sure everyone gets good first instruction on essential standards and will learn more throughout the week, because “Mondays Matter!”


Children who are absent from school miss out on opportunities to learn, but they also miss out on opportunities to build friendships, feel connected to the school, and develop the skills and attitudes needed to become good citizens and valued employees.  There is a clear connection between student attendance and student performance in school.  Data shows that higher attendance equals higher achievement for all students. 

STAR Test Scale Scores 2012-2013.jpg

Regular school attendance is critical for all students.  Working together, we can ensure all students are at school every day on time. 

5 Things You Can Do To Be an
"Attendance Champion!"

  1. Be at school on time every day! Every Day Counts!
  2. Only miss 5 days of school in the year... or less!
  3. Monday Matters! Lots of new learning takes place on Monday. Miss on Monday, and you will be behind all week!
  4. If you are absent or late, bring a note!
  5. Encourage your friends to be an Attendance Champion too, so we can get to 96.5% this year!


Today: 2/11/16




2015-2016 School Entry Packet

Click here to view/download the 2015-2016 School Entry Packet.