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ASES Program

Serving Students TK-8th 


The ASES program is designed around several key beliefs and principles. First and foremost, we believe that all children can reach high standards and that all children can profit from an expanded day program. We regard the health and safety of children as a major priority, and ASES provides a nurturing environment and safe haven for children during critical non-school hours.
The program is designed for students in grades TK-8. Our program supports and enhances daily classroom instruction. The program, while structured, provides staff and student with choices. Our program encourages creativity, flexibility, and focuses on creating educational projects that make learning fun. Students participate in a balance of individual activities, small and large group activities, indoor and outdoor activities, and quiet as well as active play.


In our district's effort to continuously monitor the effectiveness and quality of our ASES program, we annually survey our staff, students, and parents to find our program strengths and areas of improvement for the following year. Attached are the results of the surveys conducted in Spring 2022. These areas will be addressed by the staff and training conducted to improve our program for following years. All input in this process was greatly appreciated.


The mission of the Wasco Union School District is to provide all students an education which promotes lifelong learning, an appreciation for diversity, and responsible citizenship. The program will aid in this endeavor by providing quality after-school activities for the students of Wasco.
ASES fosters the development of lifelong learners by integrating content areas through reading and literature; by providing lessons that accommodate multiple learning and teaching styles; and by supporting teaching and learning through the content areas. In support of this mission; recognizes a child’s individual needs and attributes; understands the need for active involvement; promotes cultural sensitivity and awareness; encourages participation, cooperation, and creativity expression, and strengthens academic skills.




Safe and Supportive Environment 
All About Safety
Activities and games are all about making safe decisions.
Youth Voice and Leadership
Listen to find out what it takes to be a president. 
Active and Engaged Learning 
Give your brain a break and move your body with these fun and exciting songs!
Healthy Choices and Behaviors
Visit MyPlate Kid’s Place for songs, activities, and nutrition information!
Skill Building 
Become a math whiz with these games! 
Test your skills in reading and ELA.
Diversity, Access, Equity
Learn about the rich cultural history of New Orleans and music. 
Find objects at home to make your own musical instrument!


ASES operates throughout the school year.
  • Monday through Friday from school dismissal through 6:00 P.M.
ASES staff remains with the students throughout the afternoon program, which includes snacks, homework and/or tutoring assistance, enrichment activities linked to core academic curriculum, recreation, prevention/intervention activities, and clubs.