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All of the previous resources that were here (Chromebook Maintenance Tips, How to Print Clever badges, Lexia/PowerUp/Reading Plus Resources, McGraw Hill Wonders Resources, Pearson Product Information) can be found in the "How To" folder link on the left side margin. 




There are a total of 6 mandatory courses for certificated staff. Five of these courses are in Kytelearning. Make sure you are logged into your work Google account before going to Kytelearning.com. It will make the login easier. For future reference, the mandatory Kytelearning link is also found in the yellow Quicklinks button in the top right corner. 
The 6th mandatory course is not found in Kytelearning and 2 cyber security mini-courses are in one spot. You should have been sent a separate link emailed by the technology department. You may also use this link- KnowBe4.  If you have trouble logging into KnowBe4.com, then email tech support for further assistance. 


My student's Symphony Math says "Waiting on teacher," what do I do?
  • Symphony Math is working on fixing this. In the meantime, change the date range in the top right corner to January 1st. The checkpoint will populate now since the checkpoint was last school year. Toggle the blue circle so the student may proceed.
Learning.com does not show the student's score and I just saw them finish it. What is wrong?
  • The system is not Live and needs to register the completion. If the student logs out of Learning.com properly, the teacher should see it after the dashboard is refreshed. If not, check back into the dashboard the next day. 
What happens if the student does not pass a Learning.com lesson, but it won't let them back in?
  • Hover your mouse over the student's score, and a small box with a launch button should pop up. Click the launch button and then choose the dashboard tab. Scroll down to see the student with the reopen link on the right. Select and confirm. 
Symphony Math award certificates are not printing. What can I do?
  • Open up the certificate in another tab by right-clicking on it and selecting the first choice. Print page 1 because page 2 is blank.
Lexia is stopping at Level 19 (or another level), how can the students move forward?
When the Student logs into the Chromebook to work on Lexia could you please have them pause the adblocker for all sites? This can be done by doing the following:
  • Click on the puzzle icon located in the top right corner of the Chrome browser
  • To the right of AdBlock click on the three dots stacked on top of each other
  • Select Pause on all sites
  • The Student should be able to continue with Level 19 from this point.
Does Screencastify come with a blurred option while editing?
  • They do now! ...Hey there. Generally, we aren’t fans of blurry videos...but, we’ll make an exception to announce that Screencastify Edit now includes a blur tool.
Is Readworks being blocked because students say their page goes white and blank?
  • Readworks is not being blocked, but we have noticed that teachers add the default link to Readworks instead of adding the student link www.readworks.org/student. With this being said, Readworks is not on the district-approved list that the tech department manages. Tech support is limited when it pertains to programs or websites not listed.
How do I use GoGuardian with scenes, adding classes, deleting students, or if it says Student Offline?
  • Students need to be on district-provided Chromebooks. GoGuardian will not work if they are using their private devices.
  • In GoGuardian, there is a fantastic Help Center and LiveChat that would be able to assist on the spot while you are in the session with students. We are unable to do this on our end.
  • Some resources: scenes for our district to try, go to the "How To" folder link on the left side to find GoGuardian, enroll studentsremove students, it says Students OfflineHow to use Teacher Chat
Can students start a G. Meet?
  • No, they have been blocked from creating a G. Meet. Teachers should be using the G. Meet feature through their G. Classroom. Teachers need to start G. Meet for students to enter. However, teachers need to make sure ALL students have left before ending the session. Students will not be allowed back in without the teacher. 
Why does it ask students to sign in to ConnectEd when I assign them a Resource or Assignment in G. Classroom?
What if I want to use an app/program not on the district-approved list?
  • Discuss the use of the app/program with your admin. If needed, have a parent/guardian sign the Technology Parental Consent Form and keep it available upon request.