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A Statement about the Use of Information Technology at Wasco Union School District

We believe that Information Technology (I.T.) is an essential tool for enhancing student learning outcomes and for assisting teachers in the streamlining of associated administrative tasks. Information literacy and Information Technology are interdependent as students use Information Technology to manage information with the information literacy process.
I.T. is also useful in the development of the key competencies. We believe that I.T. skills are essential for the future of our students and it needs to be integrated into all key learning areas. Our multi-age philosophy supports the integration of I.T. as students can access computers in their classrooms at their point of need. I.T. in this district is managed by a team, this models our belief that the use of I.T. is a collaborative and gender-inclusive activity. The use of I.T. provides students with opportunities to practice working with others.
At Wasco Union School District we use an Intranet on our Local Area Network (LAN) for many reasons.
  • The Intranet is a more cost-effective way of ensuring equitable access to the resources of the Internet as more than two students can access it at the same time.
  • The Intranet enables us to include more relevant details that are allowable on our Internet home page while still ensuring the personal safety of staff and students is maintained. For example, we can include photos, descriptions of recent events, and class names, and the only people to see them are the other members of our school community.
  • The Intranet also restricts the wide range of information available on the Internet to the information that is relevant to our students' learning.
  • It is the most practical way to use our existing resources to help our students (and staff) develop their I.T. skills.