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Want an indicator to show you which email you were just on?

Looking at your inbox, press the down arrow key and a blue line will be visible on the left side. Whenever you click on an email and then return back to your inbox, the blue line will indicate which email you just viewed.

Don't like the stacked conversations in your inbox and would prefer the emails to come in one by one like GroupWise?

Click on the Gear on the right side, click "Settings" in the General tab, and under the conversation, view select "Conversation view off" Scroll down and click "Save Changes".

Want to view your spam folder?

On the left-hand side under "Drafts" click on "more," scroll down and your spam folder will appear along with your trash folder and other folders.

Want to search for all the emails you've sent to or received from a specific person? 

When you type anything in the Gmail search box by default it goes into the field "Has Words:" but if you want to be more specific you can type into the other fields. Looking in your inbox, click on the arrow (next to the magnifying glass), and a drop-down menu will appear. Then type in the "To:" or "From" fields and search email by clicking on the blue search button.

Think your email has an attachment and only need to see emails with attached files?

Select "Has Attachments" and click on the blue button.

Didn't find what you needed and think it's in your trash?

When searching for email the default is "All Mail" but "All Mail" does not include anything in your trash or spam folder, so to search those folders as well you have to select it. At the very top, where it says "Search" click on "All Mail" and a drop-down list will appear, showing all your folders and select to search in "Trash" or "Mail & Spam & Trash" and then type into the necessary fields and click the blue search button.

Want to see the exact time you received an email without clicking to open it?

In your inbox, hover over the date of the email and you will see the detailed information.

Having second thoughts about the email you just sent? 

Gmail gives the option to unsend email up to 30 seconds from the time it's sent. To activate this feature, click the gear, click>>Settings<<, in the General tab, in "Undo Send:" select >>enable undo send<< and click >>Save Changes<<. Once this feature is enabled, when you send the email you will see a yellow banner: Your message has been sent. Undo View Message. Clicking >>Undo<< will unsend the email.

Want to view more emails in your inbox?

Although Gmail does not have infinite scrolling, you can change the number of emails to view in your inbox. Click the gear, click >>settings<<, under the General Tab, >>Maximum page size:<< and in conversations per page, select 100 (by default, Gmail shows you 50 conversations per page.) and click >>Save Changes<<

Can't see new staff in your contacts?

To see new staff in your MyContacts list you have to add them. Go to Calendar, click on >>Directory<< type the person's complete name, and click the blue button. Select the contact (highlighted in yellow)and click the button >>Add to MyContacts<<. The person's contact has been added to your contacts. 
Note: District employee email addresses are the first 2 letters of their first name and their entire last name. The student email address contains a combination of letters and numbers and ends in

Want to view your contacts in a separate tab from your inbox?

Go to the web address:,  If you're signed into your Google Account, you will see your contacts.

Want to add new contacts to your Groups? 

Go to your Contacts, click >>MyContacts<< search for contacts you need and check off the box for the contact (selected contacts are highlighted yellow). At the top, click on the button Groups (body with 3 heads) and check off the group you want to add them to.

Want to add or change the background of your inbox?

  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click Settings.
  3. Click Themes and click on a theme.
  4. Near the bottom, make changes to the theme by using the Text Background, Vignette, or Blur buttons.
  5. Click Save.

Want to enlarge your inbox?

Bigger Reset Smaller
Press the Ctrl key and tap the + key. Every time you press the + key it increases the zoom by 25% Press the Ctrl key and tap the 0 key. Everything will go back to the default view, which is set to 100% Press the Ctrl key and tap the - (minus) key. Every time you press the - (minus) key it decreases the zoom by 25% 
This works across internet browsers Firefox, Chrome