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Williams Uniform Complaint

Types of Complaints The district shall use the procedures described in this administrative regulation only to investigate and resolve the following:

1. Complaints regarding the insufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials, including any complaint alleging that: (Education Code 35186; 5 CCR 4681)

a. A student, including an English learner, does not have standards-aligned textbooks or instructional materials or state- or district-adopted textbooks or other required instructional materials to use in class.

b. A student does not have access to textbooks or instructional materials to use at home or after school. This does not require two sets of textbooks or instructional materials for each student.

c. Textbooks or instructional materials are in poor or unusable condition, have missing pages, or are unreadable due to damage.

d. A student was provided photocopied sheets from only a portion of a textbook or instructional materials to address a shortage of textbooks or instructional materials. (cf. 6161.1 - Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials)

2. Complaints regarding teacher vacancy or misassignment, including any complaint alleging that: (Education Code 35186; 5 CCR 4682)

a. A semester begins and a teacher vacancy exists.

b. A teacher who lacks credentials or training to teach English learners is assigned to teach a class with more than 20 percent English learners in the class. (cf. 4112.22 - Staff Teaching English Learners)

c. A teacher is assigned to teach a class for which the teacher lacks subject matter competency.